09/2012 - Post Production Begins!
Post production has begun on the film with final archival research, footage logging, and scripting in preparation for editing. Pending our success on funding completion, the film should be ready for PBS by June of 2013. Funding efforts include: a crowd funding initiative (8/29-11/27/12) through Houston Arts Alliance's power2give site, a fundraising gala scheduled for February 21st, 2013 (save the date!), and several grant proposals.
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01/18-20/2012 - David Naylor and Leonard Maltin
The production team conducted two interviews in Los Angeles. The first was with writer/architectural historian David Naylor who is a consultant to our film. . . . more

The producers shot in San Antonio, Texas to cover one of Interstate's most ornate movie palaces as well as conducting a series of interviews. The theatre documented was the atmospheric Aztec, opened in 1926. ...more

The producers of Before the Curtain Rises spent a long weekend scanning new historical images from collections at the Eastland Paramount Theratre and the private collection of Lovita Irby. Take a look at some of the wonderful glimpses back in time.

The producers documented one of the few remaining movie theatres from Interstate's circuit that continues to show first run movies....more

The producers traveled to Abilene to photograph the Interstate Paramount. The Paramount opened in 1930 and is an atmospheric theatre with domed ceiling and twinkling stars...more

The producers interviewed Todd Wagner, CEO of 2929 Entertainment and founder of the Todd Wagner Foundation...more

The producers interviewed Shari Redstone, President of National Amusements, the parent company of VIACOM...more

The producers have interviewed John Fithian, President of the National Association of Theatre Owners in Washington D.C...more

The producers interviewed 98 year old John Arnold, former assistant city manager of Interstate Theatres in Houston....more

The Houston Examiner Newspapers recently ran an article about the efforts of Documentary Alliance to produce a film about the history of Interstate Theatres....more

The producers of Before the Curtain Rises just recently spent a week researching Interstates's history and examining its photo archives....more

The producers traveled one last time to El Paso to cover the finishing touches on the reinstallation of the Plaza's original pipe organ....more

Show your support for historic preservation in Houston and the fight to save the Interstate River Oaks Theatre...more

Houston Endowment has authorized a Challenge Grant of $75,000 to Documentary Alliance towards production and post production expenses for Before the Curtain Rise...more

Rumors are flying about the impending loss of two of Houston's landmark buildings, the former Interstate River Oaks Theatre (now operated by Landmark Theatres) and...more

Documentary Alliance has received support from the Hoblitzelle Foundation in Dallas,Texas for its Interstate Theatres Documentary...more

Jeffrey Mills continued to follow the progress of the Plaza Theater's Pipe Organ re-assembly...more

With the support of our recent Houston fundraiser, Jeffrey Mills flew to El Paso to document the return and re-assembly of the original ...more

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has included an article on their website about the recent restoration and reopening of the Plaza Theatre in El Paso...more

Jeffrey Mills covered the grand opening of the restored Interstate Plaza Theatre in El Paso on March 16th and 17th...more

12/6/05 - 2/20/06
In these last three months, the stage house was completed and lighting grids, an orchestra lift, and the hardwood floors have gone in...more

Producer Jeffrey Mills continues to cover the restoration of the Interstate Plaza Theatre...more

Jeffrey Mills attended and recorded the Texas Historical Commission's visit and review of the restoration process at the Plaza...more

The Plaza Theatre is rapidly approaching the return of its seating and lighting...more

Producer/Director Jeffrey Mills returned to El Paso to do an interview with head restorationist on the Plaza Theatre site...more

Restoration work at the El Paso Plaza Theatre has begun to focus on the main auditorium...more

The documentary project visited with retired projectionist Paul Adair, who is one of the most amazing collectors of everything 'motion picture'...more

Read an interesting editorial in The El Paso Times, July 12th 2005 edition...more

The latest milestones in the restoration of the Plaza Theatre have been covered in El Paso by producer Jeffrey Mills...more

The documentary crew returned to El Paso to capture continuing restoration work on the Plaza...more

El Paso's Interstate Plaza Theatre is getting an ornamental facelift. A full strength crew of cleaners and painters are now working...more

The El Paso Plaza Theatre continues its rebirth. The stage box is nearing  completion of its 10 story superstructure...more

Shooting continues in El Paso as work on the restoration of the Plaza
Theatre goes into high gear...more

The producers continued to follow the restoration work underway on
the Interstate Plaza Theatre in El Paso...more

The restoration on the Plaza Theatre has begun and the producers will be filming...more

Producers for Before the Curtain Rises attended the 2004 Theatre Historical Society of America's Conclave in Kansas City, Missouri...more

New interviews were added to the project. Three people who had worked with, or had close ties to, Interstate were filmed in Houston's last operating Interstate Theatre, the Landmark River Oaks...more

The producers just completed a week of shooting in El Paso, Texas. Footage covered background material for the story on the efforts to save the Plaza Theatre...more

Although originally published in 1999, this study, Historic Preservation at work for the Texas Economy, details the positive effects of historic preservation in Texas. Read the PDF of this study.

Legendary performer Rita Moreno was interviewed for the Interstate Documentary Project while she was in Houston to appear in a lecture series called Unique Lives presented in at Jones Hall...more

The Interstate Documentary Project saw a major round of production in December. In Washington D.C., the production team interviewed MPAA President Jack Valenti who grew up in Houston ...more

The producers recently shot an interview with Oscar® and Pulitzer Prize winning author, playwright and screenwriter Horton Foote...more

The El Paso City Council voted this day to match the generous donation by the El Paso Community Foundation...more

Io Communications has completed its first shooting for the one hour
documentary film, Before the Curtain Rises...more



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