September 6, 2002

Jeffrey Mills
lo Communications
5310 Bissonnet
Bellaire, Texas 7740

Re: Interstate Theatres Documentary Project

The Theatre Historical Society of America (THSA) is pleased to endorse your proposed documentary project on the history of Interstate Theatres and the continuing battle to save the Plaza Theatre in El Paso, Texas.

We are a non-profit [Sec.501(c)3] organization, founded in 1969, dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of America's historic theatres, and encouraging their recognition and an appreciation of the role they played in our communities and in our lives. We also strongly support restoration and reuse of these venues whenever possible. In support of our efforts, we publish a quarterly journal, conduct an annual convention, maintain a website (, and operate an archive which is the largest of its type in the country, with information on over 9,000 theatres in the U.S. Among our holdings are photographs of numerous historic theatres in Texas, many of which have been abandoned or demolished. The loss of these theatres and others like them across the country makes all the more important the documentation of their history and the preservation of those remaining structures which played a significant role in our lives, whether large movie palace or modest neighborhood theatre.

In their heyday, the theatres of the Interstate circuit served as gathering places which brought people together and helped to create cohesive, strong communities. Restored theatres continue to be important focal points in creating strong communities - places where people can come together, share common experiences and an enhanced "sense of community."

We applaud your documentary project which will help educate the public on the important role these theatres played in the past and the significant role they can play in the future.





Lowell Angell

Theatre Historical Society of America



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