August 15,2002

Jeffrey Mills
lo Communications
5310 Bissonnet
Bellaire, Texas 7740


I was very interested to learn about your project documenting the history of the Interstate Theatres Circuit. As you know, El Paso's theater history owes much to Interstate, and in my current book that deals with the history of theaters in El Paso, I have found that our city has a long tradition of making theater entertainment a focal point for the community.

Of course, there is also the current story of the fight to save Interstate's Plaza Theatre in downtown El Paso. Your decision to include this story in your film I feel will be an important case study for all communities struggling with the issues of historic preservation and the role of the theater in society and in revitalizing a city.

1 support what you are doing with the Interstate Documentary Project and look forward to helping you realize this film and Internet outreach to preserve an important part of theater and Texas history.





Cynthia Farah
Assistant Professor, Film Studies



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