Rumors are flying about the impending loss of two of Houston's landmark buildings, the former Interstate River Oaks Theatre (now operated by Landmark Theatres) and the Interstate Alabama Theatre (now a Bookstop location).

Property owner of the land upon which the theatres sit,  Weingarten Realty Investors, is mum about its plans, but it certainly wouldn't be the first loss of a theater to Weingarten; the Interstate Village was torn down by them to make way for new development in the Rice Village some 12 years ago.

Houston Chronicle article, 7/28/06

KUHF, 7/27/06

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Read the Houston Chronicle's Saturday July 23rd, 2006 article for more details and to learn of Greater Houston Preservation Alliance's work to save these historic buildings:

Also read about the sad state of our city's preservation laws.



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