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As documentary filmmakers and historians, we take great joy in shaping and distributing stories that will make a difference to society. In the case of the story of Interstate, we believe that what the company and its people believed in and accomplished teaches us important lessons for the 21st Century.

Interstate earnestly practiced its motto,
Dedicated to Community Service.
Each theater was actively involved in its community and Karl Hoblitzelle gave back to the state that he so loved through the generous philanthropy of the Hoblitzelle Foundation.

The present day story of the struggle to save The Plaza Theater in El Paso highlights the debate over whether there is worth in saving our past and what contribution it can make to our future. If Interstate is an example, then the answer to this question is clear. Theaters are part of the culture and the soul of a community. To lose that is to lose a part of us that makes us richer and wiser. The theaters are an anchor in the stormy seas of this uncharted new century.

Bringing all this to the screen and to homes and schools via the internet is an expensive process. That's why we need your help. With many traditional sources of funding drying up, individuals and corporations have often come to the rescue of documentary projects like this. We hope that you will share our excitement about the story, our mission of furthering historical preservation and community involvement, and the importance of preserving Interstate's place in history.

Documentary Alliance has been given a Challenge Grant by the Houston Endowment. This grant promises $75,000 to complete the film, once Documentary Alliance raises a match of $150,000 ($76,000 raised and pending, but expected, to date). This is a wonderful vote of confidence from a respected institution, an important opportunity, and makes your generous donations today all the more effective in bringing the story of Interstate to the screen.

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*The Interstate Theatre Documentary Project is sponsored by Documentary Alliance, Inc. a Houston-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the cultural amnesia that is robbing Americans of the valuable lessons of the past. This is accomplished by using film, video and multimedia to fashion thoughtful and thought provoking stories about history, culture, and science. By preserving and presenting these ideas, Documentary Alliance hopes to inform, inspire, and empower Americans to fashion a better tomorrow.


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