Richard S. Keiffer

My dad worked for about 20 years for Interstate. He had an office on the 4th floor of the Dallas Majestic Theatre Building. He began work around 1929 or 1930 and continued until 1952 when he passed on. His name was Lawrence Keiffer and he was head of the Film Rental Section. His boss was Ted deBoer who was the comptroller of the company. As a kid, I spend many hours watching the show from the Majestic gallery which was adjacent to the 4th floor offices. I knew Mr. Teagarten and Mr Neuhouser who both worked in the Accounting Dept. While visiting my Dad's office, I met Mae West who was chatting with office staff and was appearing on the Majestic stage at the time. This was around 1938. The Majestic was still having stage shows along with first run pictures in the 1930s. I remember that Karl Hoblitzelle, (The Boss), was highly loved and respected by his workers and even sacrificed some of his retirement plans to prevent his employees from losing their jobs when RKO purchased the chain in the early 1930s and shortly went bankrupt. I remember many interesting things concerning the Company that happened while my Dad was there.


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