John Skinner

My name is John Skinner and my father was James Clyde Skinner ( Jimmy Skinner ). He worked for Interstate (in Dallas) with the sound department. I remember the old building, I think it was on Jackson St. Then they moved over a couple of blocks on Central & something. At the old office I can remember Sat. mornings playing on the old elevator. And then go around the corner to a B-B Q place called Sams. RCA came to town to show there new TV off and they used the Palace downtown to show it off. And they gave that TV to my Dad, and I can remember the neighborhood coming over to our living room to watch. I use to go to the Lakewood all the time an I would take a hot coke from home and trade it for a cold one. I think Tony Tadora was manager there at that time. My Mon had a pass that was good for as many as she wanted to take to a show. My brother & sisters an I had a pass that was good one friend. A man that worked with my Dad was named Decker. I have pictures of my Dad, and a news paper articles on him and Interstate. I remember him having an airplane and flying to all these small towns to work on there equipment.


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