Pinky Skinner

My Dad was Vice President of Interstate Theatres and Modern Sales & Service in Dallas, Texas, worked for Mr. Hoblitzell.  Each of our family members had annual passes. As a young girl I sold popcorn, candy & cokes at the Lakewood Theatre in Dallas  We could eat the candy in which the boxes were damaged, consequently a lot of the Boston Baked Bean candy boxes were damaged! At a meeting my Dad was told that surely he could afford to have his daughter pay the 5 cents for a coke rather than bring her own & trade it for a cold one ! I did have lots of articles including one of the first pair of 3D glasses but a fire destroyed them in 2004. I found a Certificate of Stock Ownership in Houston Moving Picture Operators Home Company just today given in Dec. of 1948. My Woodrow Wilson High School graduating class in Dallas will hold its 50th reunion this Sept. 29th at Lakewood Country Club and most of them went to Lakewood Theatre every Sat. I remember the Majestic (my Dad sometimes played the Organ there), the Yo Yo Contests, the Funniest Hat Contests,  The Palace in Dallas  and the Village, The River Oaks in Houston.  My Dad installed most of the equipment in the booths for all the theatres.


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